• KJaklewiczNotrh triptych80x120cmx3oli on canvas2
    North Triptych, oil on canvas, 80x120 (x3_I,II,III)
  • KJaklewiczNorth illusion100x130cmoil on canvas2
    Notrh illusion, oil on canvas, 100x130cm
  • KJaklewiczNorth160x120cmoil on canvas2
    North, oil on canvas, 160x120cm
  • wniebomigracja III 100x130 olej 2
    Intoheavenmigration III, oil on canvas, 100x130cm
  • KJaklewiczXI do not discriminate120x100oil on canvas2013
    XI_do not discriminate, oil on canvas, 100x120cm
  • KJaklewiczCalm I80x120cmoil on canvas2
    Calm, oil on canvas, 80x120cm
Karolina Jaklewicz

Poland, Wroclaw

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun and Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw - degree in 2007. 
Diploma painting and design-in-architecture projects received the Best Diploma 2007 of the Province of Lower Silesia. 
2012 Doctor's degree in discipline of fine arts.

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