• untitled IX 130x140
    Untitled IX, Acrylic, ink on canvas, 130X140 sm
  • untitled II 120x180
    Untitled II, Acrylic, ink, gel pen on canvas, 120X180 sm
  • untitled VI 100x160
    Untitled VI, Acrylic, gel pen on canvas, 100X160 sm
  • U A 71
    Untitled (fragment), Ink on canvas, 120X100 sm
  • U A 45
    Untitled IX (fragment), Ink on canvas, 130X140 sm
  • U A 23
    Untitled, Ink on canvas, 120X100 sm
Ustina Yakovleva

Russia, Moscow

Born in 1987 in Moscow
Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University (Graphics Faculty) in 2009.
Continued her studies at ICA, Moscow and graduated in 2009.

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