• black painting over  red furniture.jpg
    black painting over red furniture, oil, canvas, 160x120 cm
  • chests (oil ,canvas, 150x180).jpg
    Chests, oil, canvas, 150x180 cm
  • interior_18.jpg
    interior_18, oil, canvas, 180x130 cm
  • interior_05.jpg
    interior_05, oil, canvas, 100cmX70cm
  • interior_13(140x180).jpg
    interior_13, oil, canvas, 180cmX140cm
  • interior_14.jpg
    interior_14, oil, canvas, 140cmX170cm

Yulia Ivashkina
Russland, Moscow

Venezianov Art College In Tver, Faculty Of Painting (Tver, 1999-2003). Sholokhov Moscow State University For The Humanities, Faculty Of Visual Arts (Moscow, 2003-2008). The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA Moscow, 2008-2009)

Preisträger Svenja Deininger

Anerkennungspreisträger Tomek Baran
Egor Koshelev
Maxim Liulca
Tara Sorin
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