• Siegmund1.jpg
    Expedition, oil on canvas, 150x200 cm
  • Siegmund2.jpg
    Mehr Licht III, oil on canvas, 150x130 cm
  • Siegmund3.jpg
    Haiku, oil on canvas, 150x200 cm
  • Siegmund4.jpg
    Greenberg-Rosenberg, oil on canvas, 2x70x100 cm
  • Siegmund5.jpg
    Plastic Garden I., oil on canvas, 100x150 cm
  • Siegmund6.jpg
    Little grave, oil on canvas, 140x250 cm

Akos Siegmund
Ungarn, Budapest

1998-2004: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts(HAFA), PaintingDepartment,  Prof.Zoltán Tolg-Molnar and Ferenc Kis-Toth
2002: Membership of Studio of Young Artists Association (SYAA), 2009: joined Gallery Neon, Budapest, 2010: member of the board of SYAA , president of SYAA




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